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This is the official repository of Gnani Innovations. This repository will contain instructions to be followed for setting up the API and grpc sample codes.

Welcome to GNANI API Service

Use our API to convert your Speech to Text

Here is a quick set-up guide to integrate Gnani speech API into your system.

Gnani speech API supports multiple languages:


To get access to our API(s) visit to register yourself.

Prequisites for setting up the API


Language Codes are as follows :

Language Code
Kannada kn-IN
Indian English en-IN
Singapore English en-SG
United Kingdom English en-GB
United States English en-US
Tamil ta-IN
Hindi hi-IN
Telugu te-IN
Gujarathi gu-IN
Marathi mr-IN
Malayalam ml-IN
Bengali bn-IN
Punjabi pa-guru-IN
Urdu ur-IN

How to setup the API

Key Value
token eyJhbGcIIUz.iOiJIUzI1NiIs-5cC.N2N2OWxBRUsxT
lang en-IN
accesskey 7f550a9f4c44173a37664d938f1
audioformat wav (if amr-wb audioformat use amr-wb)
encoding pcm16 (if amr-wb audioformat use amr-wb as encoding style)


Audio Format wav (if amr-wb audioformat use amr-wb)
Encoding Format pcm16 (if amr-wb audioformat use amr-wb as encoding style)

Grpc Error codes

Code Number Description
OK 0 No error. Request is processed.
CANCELLED 1 Operation was cancelled by the caller.
PERMISSION_DENIED 7 The caller does not have permission to execute the specified operation. This occur if there is any issue in the header sent by the caller. Example : grpc_message:”You are not authorised to use this language”
INTERNAL 13 This means that some invariants expected by the underlying system have been broken. You can fnd the custom error details sent through grpc_message. Example : grpc_message:”Token is Invalid!” , “Free quota is over!”
UNAVAILABLE 14 The server is currently unavailable. Please wait for sometime and retry. If the problem persists contact or raise an issue on github.

Sample Code

Here are the list of sample codes.

GRPC Codes

REST Codes

Support or Contact


The Speech APIs are completely proprietary and are the sole property of We reserve the right to remove users access at any point of time. Note that the free access to the APIs are purely for testing or experimental purposes, and will be available to the users for a limited amount of time, after which they will have to purchase the commercial version. will immediately remove access if the user is found to be using the APIs for commercial purposes. If you wish to obtain unlimited access, you can make an enquiry on the website or write to us at Also if you are having trouble please raise an issue or mail to us at